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The camp is open all year round!

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  • 19 May 2021

Úvodní text – EN


Accommodation in Lipno

Our year-round caravan park near Kukačky and the DaJa guest house can be found right on the shores of Lipno, 1.5 km from the town of Horní Planá. The camp and guest house is located in the beautiful landscape of the Šumava forests 30 km from the district town of Český Krumlov. Your stay here offers not only opportunities to relax in the middle of untouched nature, swimming in Lake Lipno, fishing, a rich network of bike paths and a beautiful walk in the untouched Šumava countryside, which is directly connected to the camp. Collectors of mushrooms, raspberries and blueberries should not forget their baskets at home!

Why go to the camp near Kukačky?

The camp near Kukačky is one of the most popular camps in Lipno with a wide range of facilities for young people and families with children, because:

  • we have beautiful nature – clean air, forests, horse ranch, Lake Lipno … what more could you want?
  • we are cool – comfortable accommodation, clean bathrooms, bistro
  • We have fun – water and land sports, walks, trips (such as the Bear Trail or the Boubín Forest)
  • we have Lipno – water sports are waiting for young and old. In addition, we have our own boat rental in Lipno .

Camp open all year round

New year-round stellplatz DaJa right next to a motorhome bike path with convenient parking and full camper service.

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