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The camp is open all year round!

Operating rules of the camp

Operating and accommodation rules

Camp U Kukačků and pension DaJa
Operator: DaJa Lipno, s.r.o.
ID: 281 58 822
Business hours: Year-round

Dear guests, we wish you a pleasant stay. The DaJa team.

In order for your holiday in our campsite to take place to your satisfaction, we ask you to follow all the instructions given in the rules.

  • The guest is required to check in at the reception upon arrival, including all visits. To this end, the guest will present their identity card at the campsite reception.
  • Each guest is required to pay for accommodation according to the price list posted at the reception.
  • Store the orange card you receive after payment in a visible place in your vehicle, preferably behind the windshield. This card serves as proof of payment.
  • Return your card to reception upon departure. Guests are required to leave the camp always by 12:00 noon. For an additional fee, it is possible to arrange a later departure by a maximum of 6 pm. Must be arranged on the day of departure before 12:00. If the guest requests an extension of the accommodation, he will be accommodated.
  • A person who did not register properly on the first day of arrival will be charged back and increased by 50% for the accommodation services.
  • Guests staying in the guest house, mobile homes, cottages and caravans arrive from 15:00 and are required to leave the property by 10:00.
  • In the pension we collect a refundable deposit of 500 CZK, in mobile homes, cottages and caravans 1000 CZK.
  • There is a strict ban on washing and repairing cars and parking on the beach and in the immediate vicinity of the water, at least 10 m from the shore, throughout the campsite.
  • The maximum speed limit for the whole campsite is 10 km / h.
  • The campsite owner is not liable for property damage caused by a third party, as well as a natural disaster.
  • The guest is obliged to report the damage to the campsite property to the reception.
  • The reception is open daily in the high season from 8:00 – 21:00, out of season from 8:00 to 20:00 Or by appointment on the phone number: +420 727 926 923
  • During the night rest period from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am, motor vehicles are not allowed. Observe the time of night rest, treat with the utmost consideration for your neighbors. Keep in mind that children are also accommodated in the campsite.
  • Vehicle entry and exit gates operate 24 hours a day.
  • Only people who are not infected with infectious diseases are allowed to use the camp.
  • It is strictly forbidden for dogs to move freely around the campsite. All dogs must be on a leash in the camping area. Dog owners are obliged to personally clean dog secretions and are responsible for any damage caused by them.
  • Free bicycle and luggage storage is available upon request.
  • All guests must take care of the cleanliness and order of the campsite. Garbage must be stored in a designated place in a container near the parking lot.
  • The bathroom is equipped with drinking water. The operator provides cleaning, including disinfection of sanitary facilities. Children under the age of 6 only use the bathroom when accompanied by an adult.
  • Visitors are required to maintain order throughout the campsite. It is forbidden to burn plastics, metals and hazardous waste in the fireplace. In case of wind, it is necessary to extinguish the fire before leaving. The accommodated visitor is obliged to clean and adjust the fireplace upon departure.
  • It is the duty of all guests to behave during the stay so as not to disturb or restrict other guests.
  • Each guest must familiarize himself with these Operating and Accommodation Rules and is obliged to comply with them.
  • By paying for the accommodation, the guest declares that he / she has been acquainted with these Operating and Accommodation Rules and that he / she has fully understood them.
  • Accommodated guests and people moving in the campsite are required to comply with the fire alarm guidelines of the campsite. All accommodation capacities and interiors of buildings are strictly prohibited from smoking and making fires.
  • There is a strict ban on the use of fireworks throughout the campsite.
  • Motor vehicles are only allowed with the consent of the campsite operator.
  • Camping and lighting fires are prohibited in the beach area.
  • Foreign people are allowed on the beach after paying access to the campsite.
  • It is not allowed to demarcate the area around the tent and caravan by digging a ditch, building a fence, wooden halls and other fixed structures.
  • Fish is not allowed on the beach or in the bathroom throughout the campsite. Thank you for following these hygiene rules.
  • The guest is obliged to comply with the provisions of these operating and accommodation regulations. In case of violation of these rules, the guest may be expelled from the campsite.
  • Accommodation and operating rules apply until further notice.

We wish you a pleasant holiday, nice weather and look forward to your next visit.