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Trips to Lipno

The town of Horní Planá can be found about 1.5 km from the camp near Kukačky. The picturesque town on the shores of Lipno boasts many attractions, monuments and cultural and sporting activities. It is especially worth mentioning the birth house of Adalbert Stifter, his museum and educational hiking trail. In summer there is always an interesting cultural program: theaters, concerts and entertainment performances.
Church of St. Margaret, museum, summer cinema, Cultural Information Center. Of course there is a post office, doctor, massage, sauna, ATM.
You will also find many restaurants, eateries, bars, discos, bowling, mini golf, tennis courts, boat and pedal boat rentals.
In the immediate vicinity, around Lipno, there is a very attractive cycle path suitable for in-line skaters.
The Schwarzenberg Canal and Plešné Lake are worth a visit.

Český Krumlov and surroundings

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is 28 km from Horní Planá. This historic city boasts a beautiful castle and its castle garden with a revolving auditorium. In summer you will find a rich cultural program provided by this city.
Furthermore, in the immediate vicinity of this town are the ruins of the Dívčí Kámen castle, a beautiful place for pilgrims and the Kleť lookout tower with a cable car and an observatory.

Trips in southern Bohemia

Another thing worth seeing in the South Bohemian region is the Hluboká nad Vltavou chateau, where there is a beautiful chateau, a zoo, a golf course and beautiful surroundings. Other tips to visit are the Vyšebrod Monastery and Rožmberk Castle. Last but not least, we must not forget the Devil’s Wall, as a mysterious place of myths and legends.

Possibility of trips around Horní Planá:

  • Hand made glass Milná 8 between Černá v Pošumaví and Frymburk
  • Vítkův Kámen
  • Devil’s Wall
  • Tri-border
  • Stifter Trail
  • Olšina Nature Trail
  • Plešné Lake
  • Bear Trail
  • Vyšší Brod Abbey Trail
  • Schwarzenberg Canal
  • Bobsleigh Track
  • Libín Rope Park
  • Catamaran rental
  • Aquaworld Frymburk
  • Cruises on Lake Lipno
  • Sports and relaxation area Hluboká n. Vltavou
  • BezBot Course No. B.
  • Borovany Exotic Animal Park
  • ZOO Ohrada Hluboká n. Vltavou
  • Graphite mine Č.K.
  • Bayern – Park in Reisbach, Austria
  • Treetop trail in Lipno nad Vltavou
  • A treetop trail in Neuschönau in the N. P. Bavarian Forest
  • Canoe and rafting trips
  • Horseback riding trip at the Kukačky campsite


  • Birthplace of A. Stifter Horní Planá
  • Bell
  • A. Stifter H. P. Center.
  • Č. Krumlov Regional Museum
  • Marionette Museum Č.K.
  • Museum of Wax Figures Č.K.
  • Museum of Torture Law Č.K.
  • Fairytale house
  • Seidel Photo Studio

Castles and chateaux:

  • State Castle and Chateau Č.K.
  • Rožmberk Castle
  • Hluboká nad Vltavou State Chateau
  • Vítkův hrádek
  • Ruins of Dívčí kámen Castle
  • Zlatá Koruna Monastery
  • Cistercian monastery Vyšší Brod

Lipno Dam is located in the South Bohemian Region, near the towns of Cesky Krumlov and Prachatice. This artificial waterworks lies on our longest river, the Vltava. The Lipno reservoir is the first stage of the Vltava cascade. It is actually a wide valley of the upper reaches of the Vltava, located in southeastern Bohemia. It is located in a beautiful, almost intact area of ​​Šumava. Many of us enjoy moments of peace and quiet here on summer vacation, which we are far from now.
There are numerous coasts and bays along its entire length. And when the wind is strong enough, big waves are created, just like when there are sea waves. Hence the comparison to the South Bohemian or Czech sea.


Lipno used to be just an insignificant settlement held in its hands by the Vyšší Brod monastery. Originally, there were a few cottages or huts inhabited by local lumberjacks. They took part in the transport of rafts coming from the mountains, which they then sent to Vyšší Brod.

This was already the case during the 18th and 19th centuries. Rafts coming from the mountains were dismantled here and then transported by horse-drawn carriages, later by rail, to Loučovice paper mills. Another option was to transport the wood to Vyšší Brod, where the logs were again tied to rafts and then traveled on water to the interior of Bohemia.

But why so complicated? The answer is simple. Below Lipno, the water had such a steep drop that it was not possible to transport logs tied to rafts only on the surface. The Devil’s currents flowed here in a wild valley below the Devil’s Wall. People from the settlement of Lipno participated in their transport here so that they could be used as a raw material for further processing.

Between 1950 and 1959, when the Lipno Reservoir was being built, the original settlement was flooded with water and almost nothing was left. At that time, people were forced to move out, leave their homeland and give up everything they had here. Today, a little higher is a modern resort with hotels and guesthouses.

Technical parameters

The length of the Lipno dam is 296 meters and its height reaches 25 meters. It lies at 729 meters above sea level. The whole dam is sprinkled. The main element is the sealing core. It is reinforced in its entirety by steel caissons, which are devices for building foundations below the water surface. The length of the lake is approximately 43.8 kilometers and in terms of area it has 870 hectares. Thanks to this numerical expression, it is also one of our largest bodies of water. The water in the dam reaches a depth of up to 21.5 meters in some places.


Lipno Dam is one of the most visited areas in the Czech Republic. Tens of thousands of tourists come here every year, the vast majority of course in the main summer season, from about May to September. Tourism in this area is just flourishing.

Foreigners, mostly from Germany and Austria, do not miss this recreational area either. So if you want to practice your current knowledge of German, here is a great opportunity.

But not only for language teaching, it’s good to come here to see. One finds many opportunities for relaxation, both passive and active. A large selection of sports activities is conditioned by various sports venues. We can just swim in the water or even dare to do water sports such as windsurfing or yachting. Some like to sunbathe on the beaches and others can use boats or pedal boats.

Especially in spring and autumn, Lipno becomes a paradise for fishermen. All around, the shores are strewn with people enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. Autumn is a paradise for all romantic souls. The surroundings are full of color, and many can’t resist using their camera to capture unique moments.

In addition to a modern resort with hotels and guesthouses, there are numerous cottage settlements and camps. The beaches are not a rarity either. There are parking lots for visitors arriving by transport.

Other uses

We have already mentioned the possibility of recreation. But she is not the only one. A very important element is the concept of the Vltava cascade. It is a system of water works. A total of 9 dams were built on the Vltava. These were created to retain large amounts of water as well as to produce electricity. The most famous dam is Lipno.

Lipno, also called Lipenská dam, is the largest body of water in the Czech Republic. One of its main tasks is protection against possible floods. As you probably still remember, in August 2002 Lipno failed to absorb an unexpected influx of water and nothing prevented the floods. In 2006, however, the floods were already known and the dam was ready to hold a sufficient amount of water. Today, the maximum volume of water is around 306 million m 3 .

Lipno, as well as the entire Vltava with all its 9 dams, is a huge reservoir of water.

This water tank plays an equally important role in generating electricity. A hydroelectric power plant is built at a depth of 160 meters. From there, the water continues through a 3.6 meter long tunnel to the Lipno II buffer reservoir.

In history, this place has inspired such greats as Bedřich Smetana. According to the wild section of Devil’s Streams under the Devil’s Wall, he composed the opera Devil’s Wall. Today, however, when looking at the place of earlier wild currents, we will see only a peacefully flowing, romantic, boulder part of the Lipno dam.


The thermal baths in Bad Schallerbach are located 96 km from our pension.
There is activities throughout the year for whole families.

Hotel Bobík

Hotel Bobík has a hemp spa.
Daola is 19 km from Volary.
Hotel Bobík

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